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Copyright 2014 Gruber for City Council 2014


Dear Neighbor,


Being a Santa Monica resident for 31 years has been a great privilege. I have participated in our city’s evolution from a declining industrial town on the beach to a thriving, extraordinary model city based on progressive values.


As an education, housing and environmental activist and member of Santa Monicans for Renters Rights since I moved here, I helped usher in policies to protect renters and to make housing affordable, to make our public schools more responsive, and to create a healthier environment. As a columnist for the Santa Monica Lookout News, I have served as the community’s eyes and ears at hundreds of neighborhood and city council meetings – unveiling complex issues and presenting innovative solutions for our city’s future.


But our city faces challenging times and it is easy to take for granted our city’s greatness and complain about its imperfections. Indeed, traffic and overdevelopment, the recession and public safety must be addressed. City services must be maintained in trying times. I want to be part of the solution. I believe that the institutional knowledge and hands-on experience I have gained over my decades as a Santa Monican will help move our city in the right direction. That is why I am running for City Council.


As a Council member, the foundation for my decisions will be the Four Pillars of Progressive Politics – Good Paying Jobs, Affordable Housing, Excellent Public Schools, and a Clean and Healthy Environment.


I hope to earn your support for City Council. Once elected, I look forward to working with you to make Santa Monica an even better place for all residents. Together, we can keep Santa Monica a city where people come first!