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30 Years of Activism in Santa Monica


When Frank and his wife Janet made their home in Santa Monica more than 30 years ago, Santa Monica was at the crossroads of extraordinary change. Frank has been at the forefront of that change and has worked to make Santa Monica a city where people come first, both as a member of Santa Monicans for Renters Rights for decades and through civic involvement.


Frank and Janet raised their son, Henry, in Santa Monica. They sent Henry through Santa Monica public schools, K-12, and Frank was active as a parent with the schools and in youth sports -- as an AYSO coach for many years and by helping to manage Henry’s Pony League baseball teams at Los Amigos Park. As a parent now to a young adult, and longtime advocate for working families, Frank has been a part of the struggle to keep our city a place where people of all ages and incomes can thrive, while controlling development to protect our neighborhoods.


A graduate of Harvard Law School and a lawyer practicing in Santa Monica since 1993, Frank is known for his sharp analytical skills, keen understanding of how government works and commitment to progressive issues. It is this skill set that will make Frank an exceptional council member.


Decades of Activism Against Overdevelopment


• As a Board member of the Ocean Park Community Organization, Frank helped create the human-scale Civic Center Specific Plan, which led to many neighborhood improvements, such as Tongva Park.


• As a City Planning Commissioner, Frank helped protect neighborhoods from overdevelopment.


• As a City Planning Commissioner, Frank helped plan the conversion of parts of Santa Monica Airport into soccer fields, a dog park, and cultural uses instead of more development.


• As a City Planning Commissioner, Frank fought to protect neighborhoods from cut-through traffic.


• As a columnist for the Santa Monica Lookout News, Frank advocated tirelessly over several years for the updated Land Use Element of the General Plan to allow for less office development.


A Record of Protecting the Environment


• As a City Planning Commissioner, Frank successfully helped create more parks and open space in the city by helping to draft the City’s Recreation and Parks Master Plan.


• Frank helped draft the Beach Improvement Group plans to cleanup and fix our beachfront.


• Frank worked and is working to reduce air and noise pollution in the city, particularly around Santa Monica Airport, and ultimately convert the airport to a city park for the benefit of all.


• Frank worked and is working for better policies to find real solutions to improving air quality and reduce traffic congestion, including express buses for commuters and other policies that will reduce car trips to and from the city, create more bike and pedestrian-friendly conditions, and create work/live complexes that reduce commuting.

Fighting for Renters Rights and for Affordable Housing


• As a City Housing Commissioner, Frank fought for more affordable housing to keep our community a place for families and seniors, and to protect our neighborhoods from development.


• As a member of Santa Monicans for Renters Rights for decades, Frank has always worked to ensure that renters benefit from affordable rents, live in habitable buildings and are protected from unfair evictions.



Protecting Our Excellent Public Schools


• Frank worked with neighbors to relocate John Muir Elementary School and SMASH school to the end of Los Amigos Park so students could use the playing fields there.


• As a parent whose son when through our public schools, and original member of Community for Excellent Public Schools (CEPS), Frank helped forge the City/School District partnership to protect and increase school funding.


• As a member of the School Bond X Oversight Committee, Frank helped ensure that bond money was spent effectively and as the community intended, including replacing prefab, temporary classrooms with permanent, classrooms so children could learn in a safe and healthy environment.